Release 7.3.0

The list of features & fixes provided by this release can be found here.

The Maven artifacts can be consumed from Alfresco Nexus:


Activiti Cloud:


Activiti Core


Changes from previous versions

API changes

This version comes with the following changes in the APIs:

  • New endpoints to retrieve users and groups available on Runtime Bundle and Modeling Service:

    • GET /v1/identity/users

    • GET /v1/identity/groups

  • APIs retrieving process instances are also returning process instances to users involved in the instance, i.e. assignees and candidates of a task. In the previous version, only the process starter was able to see the process instance. This change concerns:

    • the Java API ProcessRuntime.processInstances().

    • The REST APIs:

      • GET /rb/v1/process-instances

      • GET /query/v1/process-instances

Replacement of Keycloak security configuration with Spring Security

In order to don't be tied to a specific implementation, the System properties used to define security constraints stopped using the prefix keycloak in favor of authorizations. I.e.




Migration from Springfox to Springdoc

Previously Activiti was using Springfox to generate the Open API specification from the REST controllers. This has been migrated to use Springdoc instead, what leads to some changes in the generated specification:

  • The key words Of and And disappear from the class names. For instance, ListResponseContentOfCloudProcessDefinition becomes ListResponseContentCloudProcessDefinition.

  • the URL for group API uses a path parameter instead of a query parameter. For instance, /v3/api-docs?group={groupName} becomes /v3/api-docs/{groupName}.

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