7.0.0 Beta4

You can find the full list of Beta4 issues here

Beta4 included an upgrade to Spring Boot 2.1 and Spring Cloud Greenwich.M3. For any applications built on Spring Boot 2.0.x, it is recommended to upgrade Spring Boot along with Activiti 7 version.

You can find the published Beta4 artifacts in Maven Central and the tagged Docker Images in Docker Hub.


Also our HELM charts (activiti-cloud-full-example version 0.5.0) were upgraded to use Beta4 Docker Images.

If you find any issues with Beta4 please create an issue here. Or get in touch via Gitter.

We will be aiming for Beta5 by the end of December and you can track progress here.

This is a great time to get involved to help us with the Beta testing process, integrating with your favourite Open Source projects and learning about the technology stack that we are using to build these amazing tools. If you are ready for a big challenge get in touch via Gitter.

Consuming Beta4 Docker Images

As with Beta3, Docker images are published at https://hub.docker.com/u/activiti/ under the 7.0.0.Beta4 tag.

For deployment to Kubernetes, Helm charts are provided in https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-charts and these can be consumed using the https://activiti.github.io/activiti-cloud-charts/ charts repository, as suggested in https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-charts/blob/master/activiti-cloud-full-example/README.md

With Beta4 the charts version moved to 0.5.x

To enable the modeling UI, add:

  enabled: true

To the myvalues.yaml file used for deployment of the full example. Access the modeling UI on the /activiti-cloud-modeling path of the gateway host.

Migration of Projects Built on Beta3

The version of maven aritfact activiti-cloud-dependencies should be upgraded to 7.0.0.Beta4 Also the CreateTaskPlayload interface changed to enable Task creation to include Candidate Users and Candidate Groups. This change affected the get/setGroup() method which now looks like this: https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-api/blob/develop/activiti-api-task-model/src/main/java/org/activiti/api/task/model/payloads/CreateTaskPayload.java#L107

So get/setGroup needs to be update to get/setCandidateGroup().

Known issues

Currently Spring HATEOAS output for Activiti Cloud services is incorrectly showing cluster-internal URLs for self links. This is a bug in Spring HATEOAS for which the fix has not yet been released (at the time of writing). We expect this issue to go away when we upgrade to Spring Cloud Greenwich.RELEASE.

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