7.0.0 Early Access 201711

This release was focused on expanding our base building blocks to make sure that they can perform in distributed environments (Docker & Kubernetes). We added monitoring & tracing capabilities to the platform to make sure that we have visibility when things go wrong.

As part of this release we aligned our artifacts with Spring Boot 2.0.0.M6 and Spring Cloud Finchley.M4.

The following frameworks are now built in in our services:

  • activiti-cloud-services-tracing: which currently includes integration with Sleuth and Zipkin

  • activiti-cloud-services-monitoring: which delegate to the Spring Actuator the Job to expose metrics for health checks, readyness and liveness probes.

You can find an example of tracing included in our deployment descriptors for Docker Compose & Kubernetes in our Activiti Cloud Examples Repository

We have also introduced the first iteration of our Runtime Bundle Security Policies. As described in our RFC document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nug2pt60Mfcf1mvhzWIdTeXK-s8KgUV3OUBCUKfwpAI/edit?usp=sharing

The second iteration of Activiti Cloud Connectors was released as well, introducing bidirectional channels by default, which allows our connectors to talk back to Process Runtimes as well as receive IntegrationRequestEvents and send back IntegrationResultsEvents. You can find the source code here: activiti-cloud-starter-connector

You can find our published artifacts in Maven Central and our Docker Images have been tagged so you can use the 7-EA201711 tag for each of our images. You can find more details on Activiti in Docker Hub

We updated our Roadmap and included new Milestones.

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