Activiti Cloud Application

Activiti Cloud Applications are composed by Activiti Cloud core set of building blocks. These building blocks are:

  • Activiti Cloud Runtime Bundle: provides the execution runtime for our business assets such as Business processes, Tasks, Decisions Tables, Decision Trees, etc.

  • Activiti Cloud Connectors: provides a bi-directional conectivity with external systems.

  • Activiti Cloud Audit Service: provides audit trail capabilities which collects information (events) from or multiple runtimes.

  • Activiti Cloud Query Service: provides read access to the information generated by one or multiple runtimes.

  • Activiti Cloud Notification Service: in conjuctions with the Query Service, the Notification Service enables the core building blocks with Subscriptions and push notifications about the state of the application.

These core building blocks will expose REST and Message Based endpoints to enable Domain Specific application to interact with them. Between the core building blocks the communications are Asynchronous using Spring Cloud Streams (and by default the RabbitMQ binder).

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