7.1.0 M1

7.1.0 M1

You can consume all the Activiti Cloud artifacts for this release from Maven Central:


In the 7.1.0.M1 release you will find the following main fixes & features:

  • HELM Chart improvements and hardening

  • Updated Getting Started Guides and Quickstarts for Jenkins X

  • Swagger File generation per starter at compilation time (validated service clients)

  • Modeling App:

    • Improved Import/Export from Modeling app

    • Improved model validations

  • BPMN Process Models are now available from Query Service

  • Improved Process Extensions mechanism

  • Process Instance Id is now linked with Task information in Query Service

  • Cloud Native BPMN Signal Events Support

    • Intermediate Catch/Throw

    • Start Event

    • Boundary Event

    • Support for Query and Audit event handlers

  • Improved REST Error Handlers for all services, now handled at service-common level

You can also deploy our Example HELM charts in your favourite cloud providers or On-Premise Kubernetes installation by following our Getting Started Guide

HELM Charts for Full Example has being updated to consume GA artifacts in version 1.1.15

Known issues / Changes from 7.0.x


From 7.0.x to 7.1.x an endpoint from the Runtime Bundle (and also the APIs) was removed to better support the path forward. The method, from TaskRuntime,

void setVariables(SetTaskVariablesPayload setTaskVariablesPayload);

was replaced by,

     * Saves the selected task with the variables set in the payload in the task scope
     * - This method checks that the task is visible by the authenticated user
     * - This method also check that the task is assigned to the currently authenticated user
    void save(SaveTaskPayload saveTaskPayload);

Also, the TaskRuntime.delete() method is now returning the Task Status CANCELLED to be coherent with other operations and the reason is updated to

deleteTaskPayload.setReason("Task deleted by " + authenticatedUserId);

REST APIs / Swagger

Now as part of the release each *-starter project also release its SWAGGER JSON/YAML file which can be used to create clients for the services in different programming languages. You can also add them as dependencies to your projects.

Also /v2/api-docs endpoint was providing wrong value for mediatype application/json and has been fixed.

Runtime Bundle:






Connector definition referencing

The way how connector definitions are referenced in the process XML has changed from connectorId.actionId to connectorName.actionName. If you were referencing connector definitions you need to update the following:

Note: nothing change if you're not using connector definition files

Static values as conector inputs

Add support to static values for connnector inputs inside the variable mappings. Static values can be used to provide extra input to connectors that are not defined in the connector definition.

"mappings": {
      "Task_0h46wzd": {

        "inputs": {
//this is not in the connector definition
          "my-custom-value-name": {
            "type": "static_value",
            "value": "test"


Note: It works also for connectors without definition.

Maven Modules

We splitted the acceptance tests libraries for further refactoring and to make sure that Activiti Cloud and Activiti Cloud Modeling projects are decoupled. For this reason the module called (which was not present in 7.0.0):


was now moved to:


And now lives in the Org Service Repository: https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-org-service/

HELM Charts

In 7.1.x the notification endpoints in the charts is under ** /notifications **

If you find issues with this release please create a new issue here.

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