Docker Compose

Follow this guide to setup Docker Compose to run Activiti Cloud on your local computer in Docker VM.

Hardware Setup

You will need to allocate at least 4 CPU cores and 8 Gb of RAM for your Docker VM machine.

Software Setup

Before you start, the following packages must be installed:

Clone Activiti Cloud Examples

Open Bash command line terminal and run these commands to clone into your local environment:

git clone
cd activiti-cloud-examples/docker-compose

Configure Your Environment

You need to edit .env file to configure DOCKER_IP property based on your OS and Docker VM type.

  • Use your local computer IP address for Docker for Desktop on Linux, Mac or Windows

  • Use docker-machine ip command if you use Docker Toolbox

  • Don't use or localhost

How To Run Activity Cloud

Start Modeler

make modeler

After starting Modeler, wait for the containers to start. You can check the status by running make ps and make logs command to make sure that the containers are ready.

To access modeler please open the url in your browser:


You will be redirected to keycloak where you have to use credentials modeler/password

Start Application

make application

You will need to use Postman to use Activiti Rest Apis

Start Postman and add to Postman collection Activiti v7 REST API.postman_collection.json located in

Then at the top right choose manage environment then use your own ip in current value tab. Then use activiti as default environment. To start work execute getKeycloakToken hruser in Postman Keycloak collection. Then run startProcess in rb-my-app Postman collection.

Start All Services

make all

Start all serices Using Docker Compose

docker-compose up

Stop All Services

make stop

Stop Application

make application/stop

Stop Modeler

make modeler/stop

Shutdown All Services

make down

Shutdown All Services Using Docker Compose

docker-compose down

Usefull commands

To see and follow logs in your terminal

make logs

To see logs for one service only

make  example-runtime-bundle/logs

Quickly ssh to service pod

make  example-runtime-bundle/ssh

Other available actions

make help

Common errors

  • Please be sure that you are located in docker-compose folder before running commands.

  • If something doesn't work with modeller first of all clear cookies or start in incognito window

  • If you are using address make sure that local firewall or company firewall doesn't block requiests

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