7.0.0 Early Access 201801

This release was focused on adding the third iteration for our Activiti Cloud Connectors, improving Tracing and Distributed Logging capabilities as well as expand on features to make sure that each of our service can scale in clustered environments. We keep iterating on our new services for process models and groups. Our GraphQL support in the Query module is now available for testing purposes, we look forward to your comments and feedback about these improvements and features.

We spend a fair amount of time deploying all our building blocks to an AWS environment to tune each block for best performance. This initiative is being executed in conjunction with the DBP platform team from Alfresco, and you can read more about our plans regarding this here DBP Platform Team and the Anaxes Shipyard Project.

As part of this release we aligned our artifacts with Spring Boot 2.0.0.M7 and Spring Cloud Finchley.M5. It is important to note that Spring Boot 2.0.0.RC1 is already out but Spring Cloud is still behind and not using it. As soon as they update we will update to use their latest released artifact.

The third iteration of Activiti Cloud Connectors was released as well, extending bidirectional channels and using dynamic bindings to use dedicated channels for each connector. You can find more details about how to implement and interact with Activiti Cloud Connectors here

Our Query module was augmented with GraphQL which currently provide a single endpoint for executing queries and a subscription mechanisms to provide push notifications to its clients. For more information about GraphQL in our Query Service take a look at here. We are looking forward to add all these capabilities in our Blue Print example.

We are also putting a lot of effort in creating a BluePrint (Trending Topic Campaigns) example that demonstrate all our infrastructure in action, so we can iterate each block and their interactions. Our Blue Print Project can be found here: https://github.com/activiti/activiti-cloud-examples/tree/master/trending-topic-campaigns We presented the initial draft of this BluePrint at Alfresco's DevCon and you can find the slides here:

This BluePrint project can be deployed using Spring Boot, Docker Compose and Kubernetes deployment Descriptors and Helm Charts. We encourage our users to check this BluePrint project to understand more about new features and to help us to polish some rough edges. We are looking forward to have some nice Angular 4 UIs soon.

You can find our published artifacts in Maven Central and our Docker Images have been tagged so you can use the 7-201801-EA tag for each of our images. You can find more details on Activiti in Docker Hub

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